Taking sales to the next level.

Second Story Sales is the leading sales consulting firm for the healthcare services industry. We use practical leadership experience from Fortune 50 organizations and two start ups and to drive fresh thinking and execution for your business.

We are indeed, taking sales to the next level.

Sales with a View.

Our mission? To help young and established organizations grow profitable revenues though effective sales story development, dynamic sales coaching,and new product sales scouting.

And although our mission can be stated simply, it’s far more complicated to execute. So, we’ve made a special point to treat each of our relationships as if it were an eternal pact. In a very real sense, our entire future hinges on how well we can serve you. Our approach isn’t radical. It’s just plain smart.

It also means that service is given more than lip service and every piece of business is treated as big business.

We have a foundation that lets us build solid sales straight up.